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Our Vision

Our story began when our founding members were business owners themselves and faced with situations similar to the ones you face now. Because there were too few places to turn for helpful advice we knew we could produce a better solution for our fellow entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Some of us came to Sirius after working with the large international M and A firms, others from positions as independent advisors, while some joined us after we had helped them complete the sale of their own business. All our team members share a passion for fortunes for the privately held business owner because that is where we came from and that is where we believe value is created in the business world. Our culture and our principles dictate that we give you our fellow business owner the best opportunities available to improve your future.

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Sirius Business Advisors Difference

Our Difference

We deliver insight, options and solutions through our carefully constructed processes and if we don’t have the answers we will connect you with our network of trusted advisors who will. Through our previous experiences we have amassed useful techniques, skillsets and resources. We use many of the same international databases the Wall Street firms utilize, deploy the newest technology that are available to the M and A world, yet still understand the value of good old fashioned boots on the ground prospecting to find you your optimal deal. When you engage with a Sirius advisor you get someone who understands your unique situation and has the proven ability to produce the solutions you seek and deliver it in a clear and concise manner you will understand.​

Call us today to speak with a Sirius advisor for a free confidential conversation to assess your business value, give you insight into the current business for sale marketplace, and explore your options so that we may start you on your next great journey.