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What We Do

Helping Business Owners Get the Future they Deserve ​
Our primary focus is on delivering you effective solutions to buy, sell or transfer your business, exit planning that will enhance your company value, or simply help you improve business operations. ​

Insights You Can Understand​
We recognize that owning a business makes you a different breed. We know because our firm was created by business owners like you to serve other business owners. The lessons we’ve learned cannot be found in some college business school program. You will get senior level advice, not be handed off to some recent MBA grad who has never had to make payroll. Our experienced perspective will provide options you never knew were available.​

Results You Need​
We are an advisory firm that will allow you to capture all the value you have earned and help create further value to attain the future you deserve. You’ve worked hard to create a unique and valuable business but now it is time to pursue the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.

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Business Valuation

Sell Side M&A

Business Financing

Exit Planning

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Why it Matters

The Most Important Sale of your Business Career

The fact is that there are very few events in a business owners life that will have a greater impact on their future than the sale or transfer of their business, and yet most owners who have succeeded their entire careers fall short in this crucial area. Studies have shown that less than thirty percent of all business owners achieve a successful exit from their business. Years of building equity value simply vanish due to poor execution with great effect on the next part of your journey.​

You Can Craft the Future, with our Help

The good news is that proper exit planning and execution by experienced professional representation can account for you achieving fifty percent or more of the total value you will receive from the sale of your business.

Building Company Value Graph, Ways to improve your value until you exit

Think about this, as much value can be captured (or created) during the exit process as was formed during the entire previous existence of your company.​ Simply stated: exit planning works.

Your Outsourced Deal Team

The bottom line is you have worked too hard to miss out on getting everything you have earned.  We will do the heavy lifting to simplify this complex process that will have vital impact on your future. Utilizing our teams experience, expertise, technology and network of resources we can get you the deal that you need and deserve to move on to the next step in your life.

Who We Are or Why Sirius​

We Speak Your Language

You want to be able to do business with someone who understands your unique situation and has the proven ability to deliver the solutions you seek. Because our company was founded by business owners, we understand the culture of those who run their own companies. We are a team of business owners and advisors who have either personally experienced their own exit and growth events or advised other business owners in growing and selling their business, exit planning, business valuation, and mergers & acquisitions. We realize every owner faces unique challenges. Our company was founded on the principle of using our experience, expertise, and understanding of our business owners to provide them the effective solutions they need to fit their situation, and delivering it in a language they can understand.  ​

We Get Results

Through our own experiences and those of our clients and fellow advisors we have provided proven results for entrepreneurs on hundreds of deals from multiple industries across multiple continents. With our headquarters in Miami and through our affiliates and network of advisors we are uniquely positioned to handle international transactions that transcend borders. ​

Call us today to speak with a Sirius advisor for a free confidential conversation to assess your business value, give you insight into the current business for sale marketplace, and explore your options so that we may start you on your next great journey.

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